Get qualified faster

The Assessment Centre collects training data and provides actionable insights - saving teachers time by delivering focused support.

Give students the help they need to succeed

As students practice and test their skills, their performance is automatically captured and streamed to the Assessment Centre - an easy-to-use web-based tool.

Teachers can quickly review student performance, gain unique insights into areas where more support may be required and provided more focused support.

Take the guess work out of guidance

Students are presented with consistent but unpredictable challenges ensuring their knowledge is effectively tested and assessed.

Missed steps or incomplete training can be quickly identified to help students complete their training.

A self-service tool to easily manage your students

The Assessment Centre is your portal to effectively manage students, including enrollment and reviewing students' training progress.

Virtual Reality provides a unique opportunity to gain new insights into understanding students' readiness, using quizzes and assessment features where students can undertake self-assessment when they feel ready to evaluate their learned skills.

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