The Dental VR Academy application takes dental nurses in training through an entire work day at a typical dental clinic, divided into two different rooms.

New modules are being added continuously as the application is developed further.

A dental exam room with a dental chair

Exam Room

Where patients get treatment and equipment is prepped and utilised.

A sterile dentist room

Sterile Room

Where sterilisation of tools takes place and vital dental instruments are organised and stored.

A door opening
The clinic opens in the morning
  • Exam Room
  • Practise hygiene routines by starting the day with a hand washing procedure
  • Practise cleaning of work surfaces, the dental engine and individual tools using a disinfectant wipe
  • Prepare dental instruments for use, insert tools into a cleaning unit and identify specific handpieces
  • Sterile Room
  • Prepare the ultrasound bath so that it is ready to be used for when the clinic opens
  • Perform a load check on the washer-disinfector and answer questions about how it is operated
  • Get the sterilisation autoclave ready by doing a test run and making sure that it functions as intended
A dental chair icon
The first patient arrives
  • Exam Room
  • Get a closer look at different dental trays and learn how to identify them, along with the various tools that they contain
  • X-ray: Prepare for X-ray examination according to the patient type and scenario
  • Endodontics: Identify which instruments and extra materials are used for both an Endodontic rinse treatment and an Endodontic filling treatment, prepare the treatment room before patient arrives
  • Filling: Identify which instruments and extra materials are used in a standard filling treatment, prepare the treatment room before patient arrives
  • Profylax and plaque disclosing: Identify which instruments and extra materials are needed for a prophylaxis and plaque disclosing treatment
  • Sterile Room
  • Clean instrument trays, and brush and rinse tools to be inserted into the sterilisation equipment
  • Train using the DAC by inserting individual angle pieces and drill heads into the machine for sterilisation
  • Learn how to properly seal tools in pouches so that they can be sterilised in the autoclave
A closed door
The clinic closes for the day
  • Exam Room
  • Learn how to properly dispose of contaminated single-use items and to clean tools that are used repeatedly
  • Perform a cleaning routine of the dental engine’s instrument tray and its individual drill heads and angle pieces
  • Find out how to remove the interior components of the dental engine’s suction unit in order to rinse and clean it
  • Sterile Room
  • Drain the ultrasound bath at the end of the day so that it is ready to be used the following morning
  • Ensure that the washer-disinfector is spotless and properly set up for usage the next day
  • Close the autoclave and DAC for the day, and do a final cleaning of the outer surfaces of the equipment
A heart in the shape of a tooth
Recently added Dental VR Academy
A sign that says "Coming soon"
Soon available in Dental VR Academy
  • Prophylaxis Treatment: Practice performing a standard Prophylaxis Treatment with plaque disclosing and polishing.
  • Filling treatment: Learn how to properly prepare for a filling treatment, including which instruments and objects are needed and how to set them up properly
  • Endodontic rinse: Learn how to clean and prepare a tooth for a root canal
  • Endodontic Filling: Learn how to work through a Root Canal procedure as well as the consequences of a procedure that has not gone as planned
  • X-ray Treatment: Practice taking x-ray pictures based on different patient cases
  • Teeth and bite examination: Examine teeth and bite, and identify quadrants and teeth

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