The Dental VR Academy application takes dental nurses in training through an entire work day at a typical dental clinic, divided into two different rooms.

New modules are being added continuously as the application is developed further.

Exam Room

Where patients get treatment and equipment is prepped and utilised.

Sterile Room

Where sterilisation of tools takes place and vital dental instruments are organised and stored.

The clinic opens in the morning
  • Exam Room
  • Practise hygiene routines by starting the day with a hand washing procedure
  • Practise cleaning of work surfaces, the dental engine and individual tools using a disinfectant wipe
  • Prepare dental instruments for use, insert tools into a cleaning unit and identify specific handpieces
  • Sterile Room
  • Prepare the ultrasound bath so that it is ready to be used for when the clinic opens
  • Perform a load check on the washer-disinfector and answer questions about how it is operated
  • Get the sterilisation autoclave ready by doing a test run and making sure that it functions as intended
The first patient arrives
  • Exam Room
  • Get a closer look at different dental trays and learn how to identify them, along with the various tools that they contain
  • Sterile Room
  • Clean instrument trays, and brush and rinse tools to be inserted into the sterilisation equipment
  • Train using the DAC by inserting individual angle pieces and drill heads into the machine for sterilisation
  • Learn how to properly seal tools in pouches so that they can be sterilised in the autoclave
The clinic closes for the day
  • Exam Room
  • Learn how to properly dispose of contaminated single-use items and to clean tools that are used repeatedly
  • Perform a cleaning routine of the dental engine’s instrument tray and its individual drill heads and angle pieces
  • Find out how to remove the interior components of the dental engine’s suction unit in order to rinse and clean it
  • Sterile Room
  • Drain the ultrasound bath at the end of the day so that it is ready to be used the following morning
  • Ensure that the washer-disinfector is spotless and properly set up for usage the next day
  • Close the autoclave and DAC for the day, and do a final cleaning of the outer surfaces of the equipment